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Most of the companies who need industrial floor painting in Doncaster contact our business for their industrial floor preparation and floor painting. We guarantee that you will get a high quality finish on every job we complete. We have stayed in business as the main industrial painting contractor in Doncaster for over 20+ years, providing a reliable, reliable service to our clients.

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The majority of conventional painting contractors will provide the exact same painting and decorating services for their house and commercial painting clients. General painters will provide you with the interior and external decorating services that you would anticipate. They can do a great paint job on your walls, ceilings doors and windows. 

As far was we can tell, no other painting firm in Doncaster can provide you with the specialised industrial painting services that are required for painting a garage floor, a shop and even a factory floor- however we can. We will provide you with the total turn-key option for your industrial floor coatings task. We will undertake all of the work that is required from the diamond grinding of concrete floors in addition to any concrete floor repairs including things like crack and loose concrete repair work. We take care of all the preparation works required prior to the installation of resin floors and any other epoxy resin floor coating. Well then we spread the coatings for the best finish.

Not only does epoxy resin flooring appearance great as a flooring finish, but there are lots of convenient reasons for choosing epoxy resin flooring over a more traditional polished concrete surface for work areas and commercial floors.

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For work areas where grease and oil may produce a slip risk we might include a grit to the resin coating to provide an unrivaled slip resistance in the floor coating. Where hygiene flooring is required – for instance in a food process or pharmaceutical environment – then an epoxy coating is your best solution.

If you require chemically resistant flooring we might assist as we have floor coatings that are specially formulated for the purpose of commercial floor coatings. We also have petroleum resistant coating and antislip resin surfaces that are created for installation to garage flooring in repair garages and showrooms. We might also provide the more traditional garage floor paint, but given the durable resistance of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor coatings – more traditional flooring paint is hardly ever used. We are able to provide you with epoxy resins ideal for anti static floors for those companies who manufacture or deal with fragile electronic gadgets.

We have actually completed the painting and installation of epoxy resin flooring to many parking floors within a number of multi story car-park programs. This consisted of the total floor preparation works as well. Do you need a heavy duty floor screed for your commercial floor surfaces? We are a reliable painting contractor and we have the ability to carry out all of the involved work from the initial commercial floor preparation, through to the laying of the final coating system. For car-parks we can lay the line marking for the pedestrian walkways and any automobile parking bas as required. We can certainly also put down an anti slip coating for the pathways to provide greater slip resistance in wet conditions.

For pedestrian walkways and other areas we can put in additional colours to the epoxy coating to produce unique designs and a decorative floor coating. When you really need a surface fnish that provides a genuinely effective slip resistant surface to pedestrian walkways there is no better solution than our epoxy resin coatings. Not only that, but they are even chemically resistant to any business cleaning products that are likely to be put to use on them.

Along with epoxy floor coatings, we also supply intumescent painting to provide thirty or sixty minutes of fire defense to structural concrete and steel as required. We can likewise provide our clients with onsite spray painting of architectural steelwork and ducting.

Our company are your reliable painting and decorating company for industrial floor painting in Doncaster Call us a get a totally free survey and composed quote for your work without obligation. We provide all the painting services that you might ever need from excellent property and business fit out decorators. Don’t wait any longer, go ahead and call us now for your totally free quote. We will likewise enjoy to provide a totally free assessment to everyone looking at having an epoxy floor installed. The epoxy paint is readily available in a range of colours and we would be more than pleased to send you a totally free colour chart so that you can see the choices that are readily available.

We are your epoxy coating specialists in Doncaster Give us a call us if you have any questions associating with epoxy coatings – whether it is for a factory floor, a garage floor and even a flooring in your house – we are always happy to assist and recommend. Get in touch with us.